Sunday, November 16, 2014

marvelous light

Usually in December I can't get enough Christmas music. I start playing it as soon as Thanksgiving is over, and I keep it going all month long. Last year, though, was different. Last year, I started December very pregnant, and the impending arrival of our baby almost completely overshadowed all of the usual pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, including my customary Christmas playlist. What I was listening to instead, almost non-stop, was the music of Ellie Holcomb. In retrospect, I can't believe it's taken me almost a full year for me to mention her on this blog, because her songs have been filling our house constantly all year long. I first heard her last summer, but December was when her songs really started taking root deep in my heart. The songs on her two EPs, Magnolia and With You Now are so full of Scripture and Truth, and they were an anchor for me in the final weeks of my pregnancy, when I was full of all of that fear, anticipation, excitement and apprehension.

Ellie's songs were a lifeline to me. I had them on a CD in my car, one in Matt's car, and playing on shuffle in my house almost all day long. Ellie was the special guest last year on Andrew Peterson's Christmas tour, and that's when I first heard the song "Marvelous Light". Around the same time, we received an early release MP3 of the song for supporting Ellie's full album As Sure As the Sun (which released this February) on Kickstarter. So, that song got added to the rotation as well. My labor playlist included a lot of Ellie's music, but when the time came for the final stretch, I asked Matt to just play her songs only. So, Ellie's music was what cheered me on during delivery, and was the first music Noelle heard on this side of the womb.

As Sure As the Sun has been a staple on our stereo all year long. I heard it described as a balm to the soul, and that's been true for me. If I'm having a grumpy day, it helps cheer me up. Her music just fills me with so much joy. And it cheers Noelle up, too. It has happened on more than one occasion that Noelle has been fussing in the car for whatever reason, and playing "Marvelous Light" will calm her down. I'm not exaggerating- this has happened at least 5 times. It's not just music in general, either; other songs may have been playing but once we get to this track, she's quiet. She smiles when I play it at home, and just the other day was kinda singing along with me to the "la la la" part.

Back in August, Ellie submitted a call for videos to be used in her official music video for this song, so Matt, Noelle and I went down to Quail Creek and filmed our own submission. A couple of weeks ago, the video was released, and Noelle and I are in it! You can see us somewhere around the 2:40ish mark (video linked below)! I just love that we got to be a part of this song that has meant so much to our family this year. I hope it brings some hope and joy to your hearts as well.

"Mercy called my name and made a way to fly out of the darkness and into the Light".

You can read Ellie's thoughts on the song here. She has some beautiful things to say about what it is to be fully known - shame and dirt and all - and fully loved by Jesus anyway. 

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